White Raven Drum Works
Gallery located in Bridgewater Corners, Vermont
at the intersection of Routes 100A & 4.
Call 802-672-3055 for more information.
White Raven Drum Works
Kai Mayberger

Information about Kai Mayberger and
White Raven Drumworks:

Kai Mayberger continues the family tradition of creating art. After studying antique furniture repair and finish carpentry with his uncle, he attended Goddard College and studied a combination of ecology, shamanism, sculpture, and woodworking. The result of his Senior year at Goddard was the birth of White Raven Drumworks. Now he makes flutes, drums, didjeridus, and music. Kai displays his work at the White Raven Gallery on Route 4 in Bridgewater Corners, VT.

Please call (802) 672-3055 to ensure he will be there when you visit.

White Raven Drum Works

Artist's Statement: While I was at Goddard College, I took a summer break from studying ecology, medicinal herbs, sculpture and indigenous cultures and built my first frame drum and simultaneously discovered the ancient tradition of shamanism. I was inspired by discovering that the shaman, in traditional cultures, maintains physical, mental, and ecological health for the community often using musical instruments as tools for his/her work. While studying sculpture I found that building drums bridges the gap between form and function. Having discovered my bridge I began a full fledged study of frame drum building during my junior year. For my senior study I expanded my repertoire to barrel, ashiko, frame drums and experimental designs. To celebrate the completion of my study, I carved my first flute. My current work is a synthesis of the influences of ecology, shamanism, sculpture and woodworking. I use wood from all over. I buy exotic woods that are harvested in ecologically sensitive ways. When I was twelve I helped my father plant a bashofia tree on his property in Florida. Fifteen years later when the tree had to be taken down, I spent a week milling it into slabs with a chain saw. Now I use the wood from that tree to create wonderful instruments.

I  currently have  cherry, elm, maple and ash growing in VT and  6 or more types of tropical wood growing in Florida for future instruments or generations.

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